Assets in a Transition or Crisis

How We May Be Able to Help

What can be done with property or assets when the person responsible for them may no longer be available to pay the expenses, look after them, or make day-to-day choices about them for an extended period? Outside Logistics Services (OLS) is here to help with whatever transition, crisis, or other circumstance you or your family or friends may be faced with. We use our research capabilities to provide you with available options, and however you choose to proceed, direct ownership of the assets remains unchanged while we make all the necessary arrangements to carry out your decision at a reasonable cost. We’ve all seen or read about the scams in which someone promises a great service or outcome to those who are vulnerable, misinformed, or greedy, the person is entrusted with considerable money or assets, the books are “cooked” to make everything look okay, but eventually the person is found to have absconded with those resources for his or her own benefit. Outside Logistics is just one part of a management corporation and has a very different, simple “gold standard” in all of our services for your security and comfort:

  • Your assets remain under your control, whatever your circumstances. They are never transferred, except to someone whom you or a court lawfully designates.
  • We act discretely to carry out your instructions and meet your obligations, the results of which are confirmed to you in your financial institution(s) statements.

Outside Logistics Services is simply a fiduciary agent acting on your behalf, and we take that responsibility seriously. OLS provides you with information and research as needed, and then we act on whatever decisions are made or agreed to by you and any other person(s) having authority over the assets.* We are not bankers, brokers, financial advisors, or others in those roles who tell you what should be done with your assets, act on your assets on our independent judgment, or hold your assets for you ourselves (except for storage of any materials we may arrange for you). For example, if we establish a financial account on your behalf or that of a family member or friend, it will be with a major financial institution and fully insured by the FDIC or other corresponding federal agency. We think you will find that it makes a difference that we utilize staff who often have direct experience in institutions or very difficult related circumstances, from families facing special-needs, nursing home, or mental health placements to those with a child or primary income earner who has been incarcerated. Where it is permitted and an individual meets certain qualifications, we offer ongoing services directly to institutional residents as they prepare in hope for their future and/or a new life after release. As an additional security precaution, we will not utilize staff who are personally in financial crisis or have any record of financially-related convictions.

In the situations our clients typically face, it is often less expensive and better for the individual, the family, and the community to do whatever has to be done as soon as it can be arranged, rather than to wait and hope that things will improve. Nevertheless, there are circumstances where a delay or a temporary arrangement for assets may be prudent. In any delay, however, any bills for mortgages, vehicle payments, and insurance will not stop coming. Vehicles that are 10 years old or newer will typically lose an average of 1.25% of their value per month (15% per year), and even more when they are no longer being run and maintained. Paying professionals to assist you with asset management who don’t specialize in these types of circumstances can be prohibitively expensive and may not have the overall level of information, experience, and strategy that Outside Logistics offers. Asking other family members or friends to do it can feel awkward and imposing at a difficult time, especially for help that may be needed repeatedly as an ongoing service, and they may simply not have the expertise, availability, or be in a position to carry it out.

Real and Personal Property

We are here to help. There is no charge to initiate an evaluation with us, or for our proposal and estimate. We lay out specifically what our process and costs would be. Our primary requirements are that any client we assist must not be the subject of an investigation or charges of fraud (all types), money laundering, RICO/racketeering, theft, or other financial or property crime; the assets must not be ill-gotten, and must not be the subject of any bankruptcy, disputed ownership, separation/divorce, or potential satisfaction for any civil or criminal judgment unless these are satisfied directly by the actions we take; and their actual, average value when sold on the open market must total at least $20,000. This maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs. We can also perform other actions on your behalf with assets such as renting or purchasing.*

Operating Business or Career Resolution

Do you have a personal or family business at stake? Whether large or small, business operations may directly or indirectly impact the lives of many others, often including a client’s family and community. We have a field of highly trained and experienced people who may be able to stabilize or even save the business from falling into ruin. We look at the potential and consider making a proposal to work with a business on a case-by-case basis only. Time is of the essence, though—contact us as soon as possible to discuss the situation.

What has been left behind at work? If you or someone you are inquiring for has held a recent career position in a substantial organization that was interrupted unexpectedly, don’t leave matters unresolved, benefits in limbo, or intellectual or other considerable personal property behind. We can attempt to provide diplomatic intervention and negotiation to lessen the impact of an unexpected inability to return to work, and to recover as much as possible on your behalf. As with business assistance, time can be an important factor. Please contact us to discuss the details and options available.

Ongoing Services for Qualified Clients

Our clients who are institutional residents tend to be high-functioning and responsible in many ways. For most, our Ongoing Services benefits are an incentive for education and positive behaviors, in part because of the increase in hope and purpose there is in rebuilding a life for the “outside,” but also because we do use a qualification standard like a credit score for most of our institutional clients as it helps to reduce per-client risks and costs. Please see our printable brochure for institutional residents or contact us for more details.

Financial Services and Costs*

Our financial service packages are customized, from facilitating basic insured savings or certificates of deposit to limited mutual fund, brokerage, trust, and similar instruments. We do not provide service for commodities, futures, margin or other high-risk trading activities. All client accounts must maintain a minimum credit fees balance with Outside Logistics of $50. This allows us to provide most services immediately as they are requested rather than having to wait for payment of the fees to be made. We charge no maintenance, balance, annual, or inactivity fees at the basic insured account level, though your financial institution may do so. Optional premium packages begin with account balances of $5,000 or more managed through Outside Logistics and include 10% to 50% discounts on certain charges for subscriptions, basic federal tax return preparation, kiosk communications and E-newsletters, online gift purchases, permitted Internet research and materials requests, and more frequent financial institution account statements. A wide range of custom services are available for our premium clients. Again, please see our printable brochure for institutional residents or contact us for more details.

Examples of Standard Ongoing Services Fees*

  • Permitted Internet research/materials request: $7 per 15 minutes, including a maximum of one page printed every two minutes; postage additional
  • Online gifts or other materials: $6 plus 3% of the purchase amount; postage additional
  • Basic 1040EZ (or equiv.) federal tax return, including filing: $49
  • E-newsletters / publications distributed to an electronic kiosk: $3 per issue or publication copy, maximum 8 pages.
  • Storage: 12”w x 10”h x 24”d bankers legal box: $25/year
  • A picture of a gift purchased for someone else: $2. Picture to verify content of storage box: $4

How do we keep costs low, especially for those with the fewest resources who need the most help and preparation for the future? We are constantly looking for ways to keep our overhead costs as low as possible. We know that many of our clients are dealing with difficult situations and minimal cash flow. With the help of family and friends utilizing this website for their online shopping, we obtain an additional small offset to expenses. Another way to help is for a family member or friend to pay for the cost of an Ongoing Services application, a year of storage, educational materials, or another benefit on behalf of a client or prospective client. These make wonderful and appreciated gifts of assistance. If your loved one believes he or she qualifies and would like to apply for ongoing services, or is already a qualified client, contact us to make a purchase or provide a credit on account so that he or she can choose among our services. If requested, we will even send a card notifying him or her of your thoughtful gift.

We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express


* Restrictions apply. See customized service agreement for details. We reserve the right to deny an application for any reason. No offer of any service is made if or where that service is contrary to law, the terms of a court order, or local-authority policy. As circumstances differ, adhering to local law, policies and orders is primarily the client’s responsibility. Ongoing agent services are available only to qualified individuals and their families. Kiosk messages may incur fees from the provider. Outside Logistics Services does not charge for messages sent to us. For messages we are requested to send by a kiosk service, postage charges apply: $0.20 per message for the first page and $0.20 for each additional page or attachment. These fees do not apply to premium and electronic subscription packages.

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